DJ Cookie

What’s In The Cookie Jar

The year 1989 was theyear that directed Cookie’s Dj-ing pathway, whilst Dj-ing at his own surprise birthday party he met a DJ called Marc Anthony. This meeting blossomed to the start of Cookie’s dream turning into reality. This led Cookie to playing out with esta

blished Djs with Marc all over London, joining his first pirate radio station, doing the grave yard shifts and learning the fine arts of radio broadcasting.


An opportunity derived from another established pirate radio station in which Cookie grasped with both hands. This was also the time that Cookie met Buppy C and was able to cement his knowledge with the understanding of what rare grooves vinyl signified. At this point and so early into his career through the support of Buppy C, Cookie was able to amass a modest collection of rare groove and soul vinyl which always represented quality not quantity, a phrase that Buppy C used to say all the time and something that Cookie goes by to this day. Through working with Buppy, Cookie was introduced to Dj-ing consistently and regularly which enhanced his reputation as a good Mic Man and Dj. By taking this route, Cookie was given the platform to forge his career which was mapped out by broadcasting on Vibes FM, Unique FM, Climax Radio, Bassline 97.9, Genesis Radio and Supreme Radio.

The year 2000 was when Cookie was introduced to a DJ called TLC, the partnership was formed which led to a higher level of Dj-ing in clubs, weekend musical excursions, Dj-ing abroad at different promotions and being instrumental in the year to year phenomenon Boat Party called Whatever floats your boat which is continuing to this day. This partnership with TLC also materialised into being good friends.

The year 2017 Cookie was approached by DJ and good friend Marc Anthony to join a new innovative internet radio station called Behindagroove. This project was a dream which actually turned out to be reality from all those late night sessions with Marc playing music and sharing ideas in the late 80s spanning into the 90s. This platform would now give Cookie total autonomy to showcase his musicology locally and globally.

Cookie is looking forward to cementing his legacy with Behindagroove Radio and seeing how far this journey can go.


Nearly thirty years of Dj-ing and Radio broadcasting experience.

Weekend excursions for five years playing music alongside TLC on the Caribbean Renaissance.

Abroad Dj-ing on RJS promotions in Malaga alongside TLC.

Master of ceremonies at weddings and events – Ongoing.

Abroad Dj-ing at the St Lucia Jazz festival alongside TLC 2016.

Abroad Dj-ing for Soul Village in Barcelona alongside TLC 2017 – Ongoing.

Rare Groove Live alongside TLC – Ongoing

Whatever Floats Your Boat, year to year for the last seventeen years “Phenomenon” alongside TLC

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