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DJ Marc Anthony

DJ Marc Anthony

Often imitated never duplicated

Marc Anthony is a hugely talented, experienced and creative Radio Presenter, Club DJ and Producer with a true passion for music and an incomparable knack for fusing the finest contemporary/urban music with timeless classics.

He possesses the extraordinary ability to select and fuse music of all genres into a set which is nothing short of genius and guaranteed to entertain.

During his long and illustrious career as a Radio Presenter, Club DJ and Producer Marc continues to develop and demonstrate his diverse style and knowledge of music, breaking cultural barriers with all generations from his ever-growing portfolio of performances

Skilled in creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, Marc utilizes his in-depth technical knowledge of sound production and effortlessly demonstrates his competency at using the latest digital and analogue audio equipment.

MarcAnthony is a much sort after and in demand Radio Presenter, Club DJ and Producer who will certainly illuminate any event

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